"The Global Society"
as stated in VoiceOfObispo

   In the process of inserting new ideas in government and religions and other social institutions, the people use protest and legislative means (specifically men) as the bone to how cock research will benefit the specific society. The wood for the crucifix, literally and figuritively speaking if we are discussing war, happens to be voice and power, premarily lead by men. That is why VoiceOfObispo is launching incredible love in anything humanitarian needing to be examined of shared interest having to do with men living with poverty, especially from discrimination against gays and making homosexuals not have the same equal rights in the work-force as what heterosexual have attained.

   InterContinental, people know that those men in USA claiming humanitarian work is the wicked way for conservative capitalists to make fortune off of weakness, get many to buy into the power that comes from the larger voice (cock). Rich men giving to the clever ways, selling straight manners and being all-male and acting in a vulnerability to get women's trust - one's way to success and, main/theme-streaming charity as seen in heterosexual, non-gay Hollywood as well politicians. The sociology of men during a modern reality that says the globalisation of homosexuality works very well to keep a civil society is sensible if Gaymanity teaches gay morale and only peace, rather than war-mongering flight. The cock voice in which we use means everything to wjere the sociology of manliness is to be corrected.

   A world mentality in travel and tourism or educational facilities giving repute for any ethinisity lies to them-selves when they cannot battle the sleaze media they feed off of. We breed single, un-populated ideas for men learning about the socialised institutional constructs, net-working think tanks at the micro-level, male bonding, and this thing our show About-Out calls "The Global Society". It is about being out on the masks we still wear - not even ending world hunger and global whinning, yet say we do care is the self-deception taught by Buddha and filterated karmic philosophies and last will on where we go after this life if meek and humble like Jesus.

   "The Global Society" is a self-self-governed global creationism that stems from men seeking and loosing, by not examining their actions, as recorded what they demand to have remain under economic controls. This is a place to release all knowing and step into a social imagination that wbrings creativity from within, establishes customs worth sahring with the next generation. This is not molesting the youth with mature genius thoughts that comes from our vigilent lives to make money or sexualise self in media; rather, celebrating the pain of being at a nothing state, then to see what lives around us require fictive kinship and trust as men. Men who will encourage love for and with and inside the sociology of masuclinity (this reinstallment for men does not refer to sports and money-greed reputes).

   "The Global society" is not related to a gya agenda or anti-Christ. It exludes all privilege which is given thru powers that be. A prerogative refers to hoarding from the world, in fact via trade and export, exchange of power and fear of being at the loss due to sharing everything as a humanitarian. The social minded humanitarian care to end poverty. To reduce a special advantage or right and never taking advantage purportedly by crime. That if the "will" of the poor dies, also women subjugated, systematic institutional beliefs making slaves out of children, individualistic experiences held in secret (closeted-based in fear of the outside society thinking one is now corrupt or less of a man) are to come to its end. Man is intended to reflect against the poor men left on the streets to live in starvation, feel the heart of alone-ness, to no longer discredit what family violence means, asking the rich and poor to think not of hindering what boys living good have to do to make their country satsified for the poor man's benefit.