By location, immediate electronic apparatus and/or phone-drive accessibility for VoiceOfObispo are available to you 24/7 (non-sexually). Pioneering the sociology of men,  you need to understand social development to pursue us identifies prior self-assessment and calculative determination that you are mature enough to learn about self in society. In the 21st-Century an approach to communication is recognising this process to know yourself as we answer questions and give you little-bit-by-little-bit recomendation before getting a one-time initiation fee and annual member-ship dues satisfied above all else.

   Tyler Lord Hamilton will not recruit members or seek to chase rainbows and hold strings. Instead, by original intention to live socially equal, utilising a combination of several search engines, we accept applications from wherever prior to initial screening activities. After application and screeni9ng fees are accepeted we give you the honour to bring an energetic commitment to becoming a social and human member of this community by seeing initiation. With client diversity privleges, plus other reasonable options for male social case-work, we do not grant people disclosure until they express proper need for said intervention to step-up to the plate and seek approval. Scheduled appointments with our detail record keeping happens after you are selected to join. Working fees and charges master the relationship you have with our social entrepreneurship, merely because it brings value to your philosophical foundation we must perceive and sense in you by the use of how your invest in "The Global Society".

    Information at this page can be utilised for advance publicity, press release (no gossip), client marketing systems, providing web-based and local coaching on sacred sexuality, political services and other media-related reasonable motivational callings for men. Next to Tyler Lord Hamilton's affiliate position to social justice and democracy promotion for men without force let's you speak on intensive mini session meetings held with supporters of a revised masculinity on About-Out as well as in-private. Awareness of sexism and cock culture versus cunt culture gives your naked understandable spiritualities and reduction of criminalities world-wide a place to acknowleged.  Before you reach-out, survive awhile longer and consider member-ship to men who've broken the barriers but failed. Broken yet with the deserving met social responsibility to avoid even the appearance of impropriety - enough for further purpose in this social-based men's movement exclusively helping aid gay, bi-sexual, and questioning - an alternative form of conservative is getting the whip cracked by us.  Basically, our cocks have the standard.

   To make sincere contact with any of us staffed - on behalf of preserving the sociology of men and the socially proposed etiquette to contribute to some extent to male permeation of a globalised society, not ignoring the popular vote for democracy amid gay men loving one another deeply,  confidential ways to get services with referral is to request application to start this service today. That might be out-side our expertise and mature consultation knowledge - such as geologist global natural disaster catastrophic or traumatic occurencies we've not covered - but the goal is to help you help other men who suffer typographical socio-economic tragedy. We interpret lost civilsation as well as absent fathers since Greeks and Romans, AIDS, Christian cult which traumatised gay children and the permanently damaged soldiers as something direct in application to now coming-out with a gayer voice to give hope and a self-governed global creationsim in a one spirit-democratic mind for strict activism.

   As your voice, do not hestiate responding to lead details that are provided below. Held  as follows for your shared democratic interests to comfort the people during this time in history, social suicide for men ready to live heightened. Apply now and be decent.

New World Christ Church & About-Out Enterprises
C/O The Tyler Lord Hamilton Foundation

1673 Johnson Avenue, Suite #1
San Luis Obispo, California  93401-3007
The United States of America


International Business and Telephonic Communication:
1 805 595 1982

  In result dial issues, if you are behind a switch-board you may have to dial '0' or '9' (or another number) to get an external line, depending upon hotel business or resident. The country code/vital zone utilsied is "1" before  dialing published number. Any problem dialing, ask for Network America International Operator Services. Their help with North American Numbering Plan Area is non-negociable information.