Everything we spring-out for and on as men is to become fundamentally cherished in society. As the 13% of the brain never accessed prior to now, pray into the sky and ask for the Great Intelligence of even Albert Eainstein. That would be wisdom, so watch how in just a few months you are going to open-up. I go in and out of sacred sexuality and cerebrial to maintain a whole person I am speaking to as an audience with desire and fate is concerned.

   In doing such, we encourage sacred sexuality and cock worship in the socio-intellectuality used for symbolic interactionist depth-psychology training in the male persononification to begin social entrepreneurship. A thing I am noted for in our social scinces open source media.

   As well as, it totally re-defines how we see The Christ in one another.  Imploring the self in society via VoiceOfObispo and getting heard for who we are prior to discussion or membership, that top area of your mind that takes you into an Awakening expands the potential relationship you receive in our community.

   The affiliation is certain that a globalisation of homosexuality reduces war crime in support of salvation and brother-hood soul-ties. As they said in past days: "Make love, not war". Here, I can strip naked entirely and show you by sopken and written word who we are in this kingdom on Earth. That male-ness between us is the glue and is what must become "manifest" throughout social justice and democracy promotion for gay and bi-sexual men without force. Pretty much all of humany if willing to hear, touch, smell, sing, express huge divinity.

   To love self when alone in Truth, loving your own kind is an international Church of Cock. Mere symbolism, too. An Inner Temple is what originally was named from a masturbation ceremony, several re-allignment of male sexuality brain interest, dealing in size and eminence or owner-ship idealism inside and outside one's community. Since expanding our world's open source media via IT, every culture and religion is acknowleged bravely during our "spiritually erotic" gathering whether or not the brother masturbates.

   For more information, the originator (Tyler Lord Hamilton) of New World Christ Church must approve the in-coming saint. The male holding gay ethicism for what our soul embraces as men to men on Planet Earth. New World Christ Church is for 18-years and older individuals. We do not kill or throw bombs, not even in the name of Jesus, oil, money or ejaculative thought to one day earn powerful control over Gaymanity with the cock.

                 "To know thyself is to know God and the makers of your independent varied-choice life-style. That is to be grateful for the existence and not persecute self in society".

                  Aristotle-Tyler Lord Hamilton

"What beautiful evidence. The body is a manifestaion of what is going on in the soul and heart of the man. If this brings innovative spirituality to each religion on Earth, I think man in the 21st-Century grows closer to Godliness and her-his voice over-all masturbated".

Michelangelo-Tyler Lord Hamilton